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Alessandra Williams


Alessandra Williams​ is much more than a talented television and movie actress. She is a retired world champion gymnast. She is a painter, a screenwriter, a director, a producer, and a philanthropist. She is a singer and a dancer. Her artwork sells for thousands of dollars, and she frequently donates pieces to charitable causes close to her heart, such as Stop Poaching Now (SPN).

In addition to all of her impressive titles, she is a yoga master and a spiritual seeker. Her quest for cosmic and unconditional love is a large part of who she is as a human being. She embraces not only physical health but mental health as well.

In both her career and her daily life, Alessandra Williams embraces her Italian and Russian roots while staying true to her unique self. In contrast to traditional acting methods, which are primarily action-based, Alessandra Williams has always felt a strong affinity for method acting, which is emotion-based. Alessandra focuses on giving authentic, sincere performances and is known for immersing herself in her characters. When she started in the industry, Alessandra was so devoted to the craft that she paid for her courses at The Actor’s Studio by cleaning studios and assisting her acting coaches. A proud lifetime member of The Actor’s Studio organization, Alessandra also studied comedy improvisation and sketch writing with The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and Los Angeles.

Over the years, Alessandra Williams has studied under many famous people, such as the late producer Marty Bregman, Martin Landau, Elizabeth Kemp, Ellen Burstyn, and Greta Seacat. In her personal life, she has sought to gain a more profound sense of purpose. Inspired by the bravery and humility that she sees in others, Alessandra often takes the time to look inward, focusing on her spirit and essence rather than getting distracted by ego and worldly aspirations. She applies this philosophy to her work and carries it throughout the day.

A collaborative environment with like-minded artists is Alessandra Williams’s happy place. Bravery and the ability to connect with one’s higher self, while difficult, are challenges that Alessandra embraces wholeheartedly. When faced with fear and apprehension, she leans in, knowing she will develop as a person. 

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