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It can be easy for people to fall into a rut of going to work, going home and scrolling mindlessly online or binge-watching streaming shows. While both the internet and streaming services certainly have something to offer, if they are not used mindfully, they can simply end up being a time waster. However, people often find themselves in this pattern because they do not have hobbies. There are ways to find and develop hobbies, which makes life much more fulfilling.

One place to start in finding an entertaining hobby is for individuals to look at what they are already doing. For example, they could review the websites or shows that they gravitate to. If they love watching reality survival shows, maybe they would enjoy camping or backpacking. If they enjoy talent shows, perhaps they could try singing with a local choir.

Another option is thinking back to childhood. Often, people are passionate about hobbies when they are children, but those hobbies fall by the wayside as they grow up and get more responsibilities. People may remember that they loved painting or playing sports with friends.

Personality assessments may help guide some to hobbies they will enjoy. There are tests that will help people better identify their interests and their temperament, and some version of many of them, such as the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Indicator can be found online. For example, people who tend to be loners will probably seek out very different hobbies from those who are extroverts and love to be around others.

Another options is to simply jump in and start trying things. Sometimes, an activity that sounds like it will be the perfect fit will turn out not to be, and jumping in and giving it a try is the only way to find out. There are classes, clubs and meetup groups that can offer a taster of a particular hobby, and it is generally easy and risk-free to keeping trying until the right one clicks.

Hobbies offer many benefits. The skills learned while doing a hobby can carry over into other areas of life, including work, and overall, they make life more enjoyable and satisfying.