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Based on statistics gathered from the National Alliance on Mental Illness in 2020, it was found that 1 in 5 U.S. adults suffer from mental illness. With individuals feeling these effects even more severely throughout the pandemic, it wouldn’t be surprising if these numbers rose even higher. Now more than ever, individuals are looking for holistic solutions to their mental health, wanting to adopt lifestyle changes that will support their wellbeing. Yoga has become a common practice among many people that supports not only physical health and strength but also mental health. The link between yoga and mental health has been beneficial for numerous individuals looking to combat depression and anxiety.

Because of the low-impact type of workout that yoga presents, these exercises have been shown to lower stress levels while also allowing individuals to release endorphins. In total, yoga situates individuals in a serene state of mind and releases chemicals that make them happier. With the improved mood that these workouts can bring, especially when pursued regularly, one’s mental health can significantly improve when introducing yoga to their daily lifestyle.

Not only do the poses themselves contribute to one’s mental health, but the atmosphere as a whole is beneficial to one seeking a healthier mindset. Whether attending a yoga class or meditating on your own, the environment you are in usually contributes greatly to your mindset throughout these exercises. Yoga is usually accompanied by synthetic music and calm tones of voices, all of which relieve anxiety and make you feel at peace. This level of comfort and tranquility is necessary to enter the correct mindset needed to reduce anxiety.

Participating in regular yoga can also improve one’s quality of sleep, which later enhances their overall mood. Incorporating yoga into your daily routine can allow you to get a deeper night’s sleep and wake up each morning with a better outlook on life.

By attending yoga classes, you’ll also be surrounded by like-minded individuals looking to pursue a healthy life and mind. Having this support system can help you form meaningful friendships and improve your quality of life through better mental health. Friendships formed through a spiritual experience like yoga can be of great support to those wishing to find more happiness in their lives.